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Lirael Watches the Paperwing by fireflycities Lirael Watches the Paperwing :iconfireflycities:fireflycities 7 0
The Soul Teller's Children WIP
"Ama, won't you Tell for me? Won't you Tell me to go be with Emmoni? Please, Ama, I just want to go home..." Aleco begged, tears filling his colorless eyes. He clutched tighter to the old woman's leg and steadfastly ignored the cold that seeped from her skin.
"Be patient, lovey. He's been gone not too long, and you'll meet new friends soon. You're still young, not yet set in a Role. Go play with Cerine, while she is here," the Soul-Teller reassured him, with a soft pat on his head as she looked up from her sewing. The boy stalked off, still sulking at being left behind. It was always hardest on the children, so newly hatched, particularly when younger ones were sent away. Something about Aleco's willfulness had stranded him with her, something that made him too difficult to fit to a Role. Cerine was no better. She could hold no character, not even when the children played their own acting games. The old woman sighed and glanced out from her porch. Her threadbare home was the hub of the
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 1 0
Are you home, honey?
     Amy loved the feel of his arms, the way they draped over her when he was still asleep. The warm skin of his neck filled her vision and still tasted of  him. She knew if she looked up, his eyes would be so soft, all the worries of his life drained away. Several wrinkles would crease through the scattered stubble around his mouth where he laughed at Jenna's antics and ideas. There was still a small bald patch on the left side of his face where their beautiful little devil had cut some hair away during her last scissor rampage.
     She finally stretched her arms, which were, surprisingly, not sore from carrying all those Christmas light boxes out yesterday. Jason loved those stupid icicles, as much of a hassle as they were to put up. She smiled again, remembering their disasters yesterday. Her hands reached for their alarm clock to see if it was too early to risk getting up and turning the coffeemaker on. Her hands searched
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 2 4
The Textile World
     Her spider fingers began to weave when she first breathed. At the beginning, their reach was short--only affection and maternal instinct shuttled under her touch. The shimmering carpet was plucked of its fibers as a dozen years passed. At once, she spied a ball of yarn through her mother's threadbare embrace. Her neatly trimmed nails twisted and knotted it into a silken ladder, drawing up new ropes of forgiveness and support from the well. With this mantle wrapped tightly around her shoulders, the webmaker strode out into the world. Homely shopgirls peered out from behind their doors, envious. The weavergirls, who slaved over cotton and wool, snatched at her robe, occasionally pulling a fiber of crimson irritation from the hem.
     With narrowed eyes and an arched neck, she ran to the pillar in the center of the town, spreading her arms and taking hold of it. As the angry steps of the peasants fell close behind her, the threads to
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 2 2
Another World
     Turquoise. Slashing, a spiral knife along her side. Clashing orange bit at it, clinging with jagged fingers to her hip. Two dark splotches of bloodred oozed across her cheekbone. A black line snaked between collarbones and across one weak, surrending freckle to dive at her heart. Each finger was tipped with green, where new life might grow from the bed of nails. The tightness of the drying paint held her skin together where pieces strained for freedom from the wasteland, and she clung to it. One last container of paint sat on the newspaper in front of her. The color of the world to eyes closed too long. The grasping hands of the clock spun even as time stood still, as she filled the holes with grey. The paint flowed off of her brush-drops, cupfuls, gallons. There was so much skin, so many weaknesses. The concrete wall built of water and pigment that might shut the world out. Her clothes huddled in a corner, avoiding the stains.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 4 8
Shared Warmth
There's a junkyard just past the main road
and we are barred inside forever.
I find it hard to keep on searching,
I am marred with grease and pity.
Still, here I stay, weak but purposeful,
and if I may, I'll remain longer
unless you say I can't be salvaged.
I'll be okay, giving parts to you.
If I was blind I could see your smile.
Inside my mind there is no more rust,
Perfect and kind beyond what I've earned.
Suddenly we find we've lost the same map.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 2 7
Please Don't Wake Up
     Tara Wilson was wearing size seven running shoes, an old grey shirt with coffee stains, and sweat pants. Her mp3 player slipped out of her pocket just as the current song drew to a close. One of her husband's favorite piano arrangements danced through its first few notes before its plastic case and Tara's skull met the sandstone ledge at the base of the cliff. For a moment, the creases around her mouth and eyes relaxed. She saw in the reflection of the river the grey eyes that she had jumped to escape, closing for the last time.
     Lying on the clean porcelain shelf labeled 12A7C93, Tara's body twitched and shivered. Her eyes roamed under their lids, and the cold sweat pouring from her face mixed with the salt trails of tears. The orderly wrapped a heavy flannel blanket around the woman's hospital gown and replaced the gauze bandage that covered the shallow scalp wound above Tara's right eye. His lips tightened slightly and a fla
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 2 2
The Darling
You will be warm. [I am so cold]
You will be loved. [I am so cold]
You can still breathe. [I am far away]
You can go to sleep. [I am far away]
Don't think about it, it will go away.
Don't think about it, it will go away.
I will protect you. [I am small and weak]
I will save you. [I am small and weak]
I can stop the pain. [I have no answers]
I can hold you tonight. [I have no answers]
Don't think about it, I'll make it go away.
Don't think about it, I'll make it go away.
We will endure. [I have my fears]
We will be perfect. [I have my fears]
We can connect. [I have my faith]
We can love. [I have my faith]
Don't think about it, I'll save you.
Don't think about it, I promise.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 2 5
Spinning round, spinning round, in an empty chair
Storm windows breaking at the call of the sea
Voices gnawing at the doors that hold me back
Vainly covering the void of what I lack
Too close to color swirls, who knows what they'll be
Perhaps a prophecy of what is not there.
The sky is freezing over--silent, unseen
My arrows cowering at the chasm's heights
So hydrocholoric--destroys powers of speech
Pulling those thoughts far away and out of reach
Love's of the will-o-wisps, ever fatal lights
Once it guided us, but now nothing's between.
There is too much of this doubting in the world
But with these clipped wings how can I ever try?
This knife balances on a whim, on a thought
You show no regard for all the battles fought
My dreaming ship has sailed off into the sky
Our call to you is a starlight sail unfurled.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 3 3
Made of Clay
Let there forever be some warm touch
even in the chill of winter.
Let there be rain
on those harsh sidewalks.
Against the world's hurt, is it much?
I have forgiven myself, I'm finally whole
Floating in the salt water
Never more pain
And your eyes' guilt talks
Perhaps all the lies took their toll
New letters and loves are fluttering past
Serenity will never falter
It keeps me sane.
Walking the waterworn rocks
Of my regrets--I promise you'll be the last.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 4 5
Waking Up With You
Good morning, my darling
     the sun has just
I'm sorry to wake you, but
     I've something to
I didn't tell you how gor-
     geous you are to-
It's something, I wanted
     since the day we
You don't see your beauty
     your love and your
Yet I love the doubts, all
     our troubles and
We'll cling to our words of
     forgiveness for
My only hope in the
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 5 13
Don't Love Me
She is an angel
with dark sunshine eyes.
Her arms hold the sea
her voice lifts the skies.
I want to rebel
to tell her my lies,
to show broken me
the cold one still cries.
She is perfection
no anger to find,
just innocent fears
a terrible mind.
I need reaction,
feelings raging blind
beyond her soft tears
and touches so kind.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 4 16
The Limit of Questions
     Where am I?
     What is this island of weathered bones and empty sands?
     Shells cover the gently sloping shore, and long skeins of dead seaweed lie just above the shuffling waves, but the water is empty. It is clear, one might say. Frighteningly clear, perhaps. The empty water stretches off into the distance, turning grey. The empty sky reaches out above me, plain and white. The colors are gone, when it seems a moment ago we were in the lake, with beams of summer light dancing on the water around us. There is no sun here.
     Another set of footprints trail across the whispering sand, slighter and closer together than my own. They simply end in the center, no traces left behind. I reach into the tiny crest of a wave and let it run over my salt-stained fingers. The usual icy touch of the ocean is missing. It is declawed, left to decay here as I am. Yet I question how this sea c
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 2 9
Why? -Reflections Entry-
I am submitting this piece to the Reflections Art Competition at my school, I will put it back up after the program is over =]
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 3 10
now Watch me love you,
see me in your warm embrace
and Help me to trust this,
please Promise once more
that you can deliver us
from Losing innocence
i Weaken and fall
i Rise up and call
the words are strong in us now
the thoughts, they drive us to vow
to Salvage the cold night
it Rescues us tonight.
and Blame me, Baldr
for my pain and my malice
for Craving a pretense,
i Know you hurt too
when I cry seeing your face
in Doubt of the god and the goddess.
i Weaken and fall
i Rise up and call
the words are strong in us now
the thoughts, they drive us to vow
to Salvage the cold night
it Rescues us tonight.
just Trust in the god and his goddess.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 1 7
Dawn Eyes
Trapped in your shadow by amnesty threads
I'm nothing to you, surrendered once more
the wine bearer of a kingdomless king
just wanting, painting our future in reds
lost in a moment of need and cold fear
you called with a voice that unlocked your door
and reneged all the damages of spring
perfectly, so even now I am here
but nothing can hold my steps to the ground
not words, actions, or blood drops on the floor
from the crimsoned tongues, silent in singing
drowned out when the hate-drums begin to sound.
:iconfireflycities:fireflycities 8 18

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August is a thief,
rubbing trees naked with the heat, plucking away each leaf.
It’s the dog days of summer, and you can hear them running after their daily helping of beef.
The sun is even tanned,
dark and roasted, and you lay back and relax while being fanned.
You and your friends disrupt the local spa, and out of them all, you get up getting banned.
Each day’s a time table,
the world passing in swirls of colors and mixes of every fable,
because you want life to be better than cable.
Everything burns in august,
to cooking eggs against the side walk to leaves crackling until they’re nothing but dust,
everything should burn, you laugh, it must.
You mark the calendar,
one x each day and school seems far,
so until then your cell only has one bar.
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 5 9
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weave me a story:
When I was little my mom told me stories of faeries, of weaving music into cloth so translucent that it felt and moved like water.
It must have looked like water too; each ripple seemingly random or seemingly precise but really just the opposite, all shining and glitter and dust. She told me about musical notes and the threads used to pluck a guitar string or a harp, low and melancholy and sometimes so harsh and metallic that it reminded you of blood. But mostly she told me about the type of music that softened your thoughts and made you think of light and water and fog and blindness.
I thought of people a lot, and I wrote stories with chalk against the rocks, near the water that reminded me of faery tales and cloth and music. Swimming in the ocean felt like all the threads of my own body were slowly coming undone, and then all I'd be was the sparkles that danced their one two step upon the waves. I thought of a world where people shifted and changed, as all little kids tried too, I th
:iconstargem-kitty:Stargem-kitty 6 22



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United States
Now you may all need to sit down for this news.
Take a few deep breaths.
Are you ready for anything? This may shock you...

So it will actually start being written soon =D
if you want to help me pick a title, note me =]
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